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Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States
My name is Aaron Whitford and I am from Berkeley County in the Eastern Panhandle. I have 3 sisters, 8 nieces, and a nephew. FSU is my 3rd college attended in 4 years. I started out at Shepherd University, then to Garrett College my 2nd year. I have been here the last 2. I am majoring in Secondary Education to be a PE/Health teacher. I am also hoping to get a Master's in Special Education. I play baseball here at FSU. I am a pitcher, #19. Look forward to seeing you all come to our games!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LP and Test

I made a Health Lesson plan on obesity. I used the Intel tool for my tech in this lesson. I used the same project I made earler in the semester. I am enhancing the student's knowledge on this tool and educating them about factors and risks with obesity. I made a test on the LP I made.

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