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Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States
My name is Aaron Whitford and I am from Berkeley County in the Eastern Panhandle. I have 3 sisters, 8 nieces, and a nephew. FSU is my 3rd college attended in 4 years. I started out at Shepherd University, then to Garrett College my 2nd year. I have been here the last 2. I am majoring in Secondary Education to be a PE/Health teacher. I am also hoping to get a Master's in Special Education. I play baseball here at FSU. I am a pitcher, #19. Look forward to seeing you all come to our games!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Graphics

I uploaded a picture of the Food Pyramid, on my online album, because as a Health/Phys. Ed teacher, I could reuse it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kids Zone-Day 2-IEPs

We created another graph in kids zone today. We tok information from 2 websites and had to do a little math in the process to get our numbers. We took the 3 poorest states and West Virginia from this chart. Then we took the poorest states and looked at the NAEP site to get percentages of students with IEPs. I converted the percentages to number of students based on the information on the page. I inserted this information to Kids Zone, made a bar graph, and then uploaded this to Google Docs.
I think this really covers standard number 1 in the ISTE Standards. I think we created a project that could enhance, promote, support thinking and initiative. I think it also gives students a chance to engage in real world numbers and let them explore with this tool to achieve something greater. (a graph)

We then used a crappy graphics website to create a vienn diagram. This could be used for something simple for the students to explore and be easy for them to understand. They could be imaginative and creative with this. Check out my vienn diagram.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kids Zone

We created a chart today on kids zone. We took information from the NAEP website with all 50 states scores. Kids zone is a tool that is very easy to make graphs and charts on. You could apply this to your classroom learning in a variety of ways. This would be one way I could incorporate technology and math into my Physical Education program. I could have them keep certain records and insert them into the charts on a weekly, monthly, or whatever time frame I choose to use. This is meeting the ISTE standards #2 b. I am creating a lesson that would grab the students attention with something free and easy for them to gain curiousity in. Hopefully, inspire them to take a closer look at it and become more familiar with it on their own time. The INTASC standards have been met by me giving them knowledge and using the media and web to teach them my lesson. Take a look at my line graph.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Desktop Image.

This is a desktop model I took from an online website. It was labelled. I took the labels off of it to be able to use it in my health class. I saved the picture to my desktop. Then, I opened paint and editted the picture there. This would be a great tool for any picture you want to edit or even create to use in your classes.
I used the INTASC standard, comunication and knowledge. I used the media and the web to assist me in the classroom learning. I also met the standard in the 2a of the ISTE. Also, I used 3a of the ISTE. I demonstrated a knowledge in technology and taught them how to transfer information from one system to another.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PhotoStory-My Life

We worked on our Photostory videos. I added my pictures and captions to all my photos to begin the process. I have now added music and switched the format to my video. It is ready for you to check out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir9mO8raswc

Day 4-Intel

We went to the Intel website. (see link in FSU Links.) We learned our to creat projects on visual ranking tool. We made a teacher account. I made 3 teams, Team 1, 2, 3 with the passwords being the numbers. They are to order the Factors in Obesity from the greatest cause to the least leading factor in their own opinion. They can even look at the other teams work as they are going along. Feel free to check it out and even participate.